Top Five Ways Hipsters Have Ruined Gaming (and Everything Else)

My academic background is philosophy, which at this point in my life means pretty much zilch, with one exception. I can point out a pseudo-intellectualized hipsters like my life depended upon it. From their over-tight jeans to their insistence on listening only to music that nobody else has ever heard of, I have a special place in my heart for hipsters and their brethren. Did I say heart? I meant toilet. I have a special place in my toilet for them. So it should come as no surprise to learn that when I was tasked with writing a list of the top ten ways hipsters ruin gaming (and everything else), I had a weird mixture of feelings. If there is a way to characterize a combination of giddiness with the sensation of skin crawling, that’s pretty much where I was. But being the good worker bee that I am, I said yes and here I am. Skin still crawling, still giddy about ripping these foreign movie watching dicks to shreds. So let’s begin.

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