Top 10 Overrated Games

Play video games for long enough and you are bound to develop an internal list of those gaming moments that stuck with you over the years. Sometimes you look back fondly on the first time you were able to take out Bowser and rescue Peach, or that time you got through the first Resident Evil in a dark room without pissing yourself, and you think “Man, that was a great game.” And you’re right. But sometimes—through no fault of your own—you remember a game as being a wonderful, innovative experience that should bring it to the top of any reputable “best of” list. But because you’re busy, and because you are surrounded by fellow gamers who agree with your assessment, you leave it all at that without really thinking through what it is that you’ve evaluated so quickly.

The simple fact is, some games are just memorable, for better or worse, and that fact alone helps them to make the climb up the various charts and lists of greatest games ever. This is even more apparent when we haven’t played the game in a while, or when it succeeds in spawning a collection of sequels. All of this only helps to harden our resolve that our “amazing” memories of these games are representative of truly amazing games. But when you do some research, and actually spend some time thinking about, or replaying, every so often you can come across a game that causes a “What the hell was I thinking?!?” reaction which brings all of your other gaming memories into serious question. Or maybe that doesn’t happen to you and I’m just looking for a reason to open up this list. So without further ado, I present to you the top (or bottom, depending on your perspective) ten worst games that, for whatever reason, everyone just seems to love. Don’t hate the messenger, people. Hate your recollections.

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