Top 10 Overrated Games

LEGO Everything


On the surface, it makes basic sense. Take a movie, or a comic book, or even a damn toy that people like and put the story to those cute, adorable LEGOs you so happily played with as a child. Add in some silly cut scenes, some relatively easy platforming and puzzling gameplay and voila! You have a formula for a winning game title.

The problem at this point is, with a couple of exceptions (LEGO City: Undercover and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes stand out in my mind as decent), the games just aren’t that good. Sure, it’s fun to see Batman and Robin running through a caricature version of Gotham City while throwing LEGO versions of Batarangs at a LEGO Joker, but honestly, how long can this novelty stay interesting for you? Weeks and months, you say? Well then congratulations—you’re either eight years old or need to find a new hobby.

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