Top 10 Overrated Games

Kingdom Hearts (Everything other than KH 1 and 2)


I’ll be the first to admit, I was absolutely stunned at how much I loved the first Kingdom Hearts. I remember firing it up on a daily basis in my senior year of college apartment and spending hours upon hours of wonderful nostalgia with my roommate until we finally finished it off forty or so gaming hours later. The graphics were great, the music was superb, and the story—while a bit convoluted—was a great way to introduce the Final Fantasy and Disney universes together without losing both fan bases in the process. The same can be said for the sequel which, while certainly harder to follow with the introduction of Roxas and Organization XIII, stuck to the basic formula of the first title and continued with the fun, easy to learn action RPG mechanics (albeit with a clunky camera) for players to enjoy throughout.

But that, my friends, is where it ends. Following the conclusion of the second Kingdom Hearts, toward the end of the PlayStation 2 lifecycle, developer Square Enix decided to branch the series out into a number of spin-offs and side quests that could be played on other, portable systems, like the Nintendo DS, the 3DS, and the Sony PSP. All of this could have been ok, except for the fact that with each iteration of the series, the plot became more difficult to follow, popular main characters like Sora the keywielder disappeared for blocks at a time, and only those who were really, really dedicated to continuing on in the Kingdom Hearts universe had the chance to be rewarded by playing on. And while I haven’t completely given up hope on the franchise—Kingdom Hearts 3 is supposedly coming to next gen consoles in 2085 or so—I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if Square had decided to just continue along the initial path and release straight sequels, rather than the mess we have today. Oh well.

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