Top 10 Underrated Games
Underrated Games_11.jpg

Games can be ignored and forgotten about no matter how good they are. This is just a fact about the world. Sometimes, however, because of things like HD rereleases, PSN and Xbox Live downloads, cult followings and stupid little lists like this one, we are able to dig through the deep, dark, depths of our memories and once again feel the amazement that we experienced once before with these long-forgotten gems. And while other collections of so-called “underrated” games will focus exclusively on ratings and Metacritic standings, I think there are some substantive similarities between great games that, for whatever reason, received lukewarm receptions either by critics, or fans, or both. Sometimes the world just isn’t ready for greatness, and this list is here to bring us back to a place where all of our electronic children can be given equal praise and pats on the heads. Away we go.

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