5 by 5: Characters That Need Games Now

Swamp Thing (DC Comics)


I already know what you are thinking…why Swamp Thing? He hasn’t been in the media in decades, why bring him back now? Well, I’ll tell you. If you have been reading DC Comics at all, Swamp Thing has gotten a bit of an overhaul in the story department. What used to be the catch all for lame writers and their even more lame attempts to make this outdated franchise cool has now become a place for some serious ‘outside the box’ storytelling… and it’s working. Just take a look at the story told in Swamp Thing Future’s End #1 and you will see that contained in the pages of that single issue is more of a video game plot than most of the newer titles out there. With the advancements in graphics and gameplay, this game could actually be pretty awesome… as long as it gets done right.

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