Games I Hate Myself For Liking

Battletoads (NES)



Anybody remember this one? You (and a buddy, if need be) rock your way through a world overrun by aliens that are hell-bent on deep-frying your legs and everything else. It was your typical, run-of-the-mill, Ninja Turtles wannabe game, but I loved it so. My friends and I would spend hours at a time racing our way through the levels where you had to ride those damned speeders. We tried not to get greased by the onslaught of baddies while dodging and leaping our way through the board’s obstacles at break-neck speeds. Then there was the fact that you could knock the crap out of each other to take the other’s weapons to use as your own, which in itself presented a whole new degree of difficulty. We raced on our way, using one of the three—Rash, Zitz, or Pimple—to save Angelica and defeat the Dark Queen (who I secretly thought was the hottest chick in games at the time).

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