7 Games for Non-Gamers

A lot of people assert that they just plain don't like video games. I think I can see where they're coming from, too. From the outside, video games can be daunting and the culture can sometimes seem either unaccepting or overwhelming. Difficult mechanics complicate matters further.

But as much as I sympathize with that point of view, I stubbornly insist that saying you don't like games is about as bold a claim as saying you don't like movies, music or books. Sure, maybe you don't like a majority of them, but it's more often a case of having not found the right game for your particular tastes. For that reason, I have assembled a varied list of games for non-gamers with the added requirement that they also have some sort of appeal to “hardcore” gamers. That way, you can share your wonderful hobby with the people you care about, without either party growing bored.

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