10 Reasons Yaya Han Is The Best Cosplayer

Yaya Han has been described a lot of ways. Some ways have been good and others not so good. But no matter what you think of her, there is absolutely no denying that she is one of the best professional cosplayers. Hell, she even has her own show. If you have seen Heroes of Cosplay on SyFy, then you already know what she can do. She is a jack of all trades and has created some truly incredible cosplay costumes. Does she create all of her costumes? No. But she always has a hand in the design if she isn’t fabricating it herself. And what’s even cooler than all that is that when you meet her, she is a blast to be around - always smiling and having a good time wherever she goes. I have had multiple opportunities to chat with her and some of her friends and each time, she blows my mind with a new and awesome costume.

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