10 Reasons the Wii U Is Winning

If you were one of the many to clamber out into the cold last year or the year before to be the first to get your PS4 or XBOne, you have probably come up with a few reasons why you maybe should have waited. Like the lack of first-party exclusives, the wonky online gameplay across both platforms, the horribly crappy sales models that are being pushed to us as well as there just not being enough games that you actually want to drop your hard-earned cash to play. Well, you are not alone. I was one of those people as well and over the last year I have discovered that the only real system company out there that is giving gamers what they actually want is none other than Nintendo and their Wii U. So sit back, relax, and read why those of us who pained ourselves getting our next gen fixed got screwed.

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