10 Post-#Gamergate Hopes

In the wake of Brianna Wu and her studio dropping out of PAX East, I find myself talking about #GamerGate again. But I’m going to level with you denizens of the internet. I’m tired. I’m very tired. I’m tired of the death threats and the doxxing and the fact that the community that I looked at as a family, the community that brought me in when I felt like an outcast, now feels like something profoundly unwelcoming and dangerous.

And so… I’m going to approach this in a different way. I’m not going to make claims about #GamerGate. I’m not going to point out flaws or talk about inconsistencies or even try to make arguments about what each side wants. I, who consider myself anti-GamerGate, am simply going to post a list of things I want for the future of the gaming industry. Then you can tell me what you want and maybe… maybe… we can get close to a resolution in what I consider to be one of gaming’s darkest times. 

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