10 Things Needed for Greatness

Did you ever wonder what it was about your favorite games that kept drawing you in for sequel after sequel? Yes, we’re talking to you, Call of Duty fanatics. Did you ever think, while your next match was loading, about what it was that truly kept you coming back for more? There are tons of games just like CoD that have drug us all into their thrall. But have we ever really sat back and asked what those things were? Specifically? Have we ever really examined the things that keep us buying every game in a series? And more importantly, have we been getting these things in sufficient enough quantities that it justifies us spending more money on tons of games? Have the big game publishers out there been faithful to us and provided us with what we are truly looking for? We asked a bunch of gamers from around the country to tell us what the top ten things that kept them playing games were. Here’s what we found out.

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