10 2015 Releases I’m Skeptical About

Hype is a powerful thing. It can make a game successful before it even releases. Similarly, it can kill a game before it even sees the light of day. Hype is our excitement, our raw unbridled desire, nor for a game, but for an idea of a game. Whenever we see a new game get teased through screenshots, video, trailers, E3 presentations, and the like, we can only assume what it's going to be like. Even us game journalists that get to play early builds of the game only have a semi-educated guess about what the final product will be. And so, hype is, in essence, a fantasy.

They tell you not to believe the hype, though, and I’m doing my best to follow that advice. These are ten 2015 that I am remaining skeptical about despite pre-release excitement. Note, this doesn’t mean I think the titles will be bad. I’m just advocating for the “wait and see” approach before going out to preorder them all.

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