10 Big Things that Happened at PAX East

If you have never been to a PAX show, then you are seriously missing out. Unlike the vast and often overwhelming E3, the PAX shows tend to be a little less chaotic and there seems to be so much more to be found. Indie devs roll out their wares and try and entice you to stop by a take a look. Big name companies are there as well and they do their level best to sway you from the indies (unless of course they are watching them, too) and get you to buy into whatever they’re selling in the coming days and months. It’s also a place of announcements, both big and small. Even if you have never been to one, not only should you try to make it out to one of the PAX shows that happen all over the U.S., you should keep reading because some really cool s#!t happened over the weekend at PAX East.

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