The 10 Classiest Ladies In Gaming

You know, I realize there’s a problem with the way women are portrayed in games, and I even admit that at one point in my life I may have been part of the reason that it was so. But I am a little older these days and a whole lot wiser. I'm also at the point in my life where the days of easy women, fast cars, and a seemingly limitless amount of disposable income are but a far gone memory. With that being the case, my attentions – especially concerning female game characters – have changed dramatically. Back in the day I would rattle on and on about the chicks in the DoA games or how hot this character or that character was. But be that as it may, these days I have turned my focus to ladies of more refined stature and character. Ones that intrigue me rather than entice me. Ones that I would rather hear weave their stories like a fine tapestry. The times, they are a-changin’. Nowadays, I need a woman who is strong, motivated and capable, just in case I get my ass into trouble I can’t get out of.

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