Top 6 Guilty Pleasure Movies Based on Games

Frankly, the gaming-to-movie format just doesn’t sync up. One is primarily interactive and one is primarily passive. One tells a story through mechanics, another through imagery. So when you try to adapt video games into movie format, you usually get horrible pieces of schlock that are far too removed from anything that we loved about the original game itself.

That’s not to say its always torture to watch these movies, though. While I’d rather get a nail in the foot than watch an Uwe Boll movie, early video game movie attempts were actually kind of charming. While we may have hated them in their original time, going back and watching them again is kind of fun. So here is my list of the most enjoyable guilty pleasure video game movies out there.

Maybe consider seeing one of these instead of that crap Adam Sandler movie, Pixels, this weekend.

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