Top 10 Amazing Trailers From E3 2013


This E3 has been one of the best in recent years. It was an information overload at the beginning–console announcements, details revealed, new IP’s unveiled, and a metric ton of video footage–all within about a 10-hour period. After I wiped the drool from my chin, scraped my brains up off the floor, and returned them to the loving confines of my skull–I began to try and make sense of all I had just seen.

Due to the sheer volume of gaming goodness released, there are sure to be omissions from this list. There is a ridiculous amount of other games that we are excited about as well; these are just our favorites from the show. This was an insanely tough list to narrow down to ten and if you don’t find your favorite among them, please share them in the comments below. Enjoy.

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