Top 10 Characters That Should Be In Kingdom Hearts III


It’s confirmed. Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming. We have all been waiting for it. We have all been taunted by rumors and false leaks of its creation and near completion. Well, now it has been made official. Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that following his team’s latest FF offering, they would begin production on Kingdom Hearts 3. This announcement rocked Kingdom Hearts fans’ collective worlds. However, I think an important question to ask is, “Who will Disney feature in the next Kingdom Hearts installment?” With their acquisition of Marvel and LucasArts, Disney has the potential to create a crossover RPG of truly epic proportions. That being said, here is a list of characters that we believe should be included in Kingdom Hearts 3. The first five in this list are the evil characters we would like to see. And the second half are the good characters we would like to see make an appearance.

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