Top 5 Most Heartbreaking Scenes in Gaming

Final Fantasy X


There are many memorable moments throughout the Final Fantasy series that evoke emotions. The ending of XV is strong. The big Aerith scene in VII is iconic. VIII has its sappy moments, and VI is just one tragedy after the next. My wife says IX had an effect on her, although I may be too jaded to totally understand that one.

At the end of Final Fantasy X, there is a giant build-up as the main cast enters its final battle with Sin. They believe that they’ve found a way around the traditional method of sacrificing a guardian and the summoner. There is also an encounter with the main character’s father, Jecht, who has taken on a cursed form—a side effect of the typical ritual. There’s already the perfect confluence of emotions, but add on a potent musical score and the secret sacrifice of Tidus, and you have a recipe for tears. You beat the game, he fades away, and his love interest, Yuna, realizes what is happening. It’s awesome.

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