Top 5 Nerds in Video Games (We Wanna Be)



Sonic is known for being fast, being cool, and enjoying eating chili dogs. His greatest foe, Dr. Robotnik, is known for being an evil super genius capable of creating a robot army. Fortunately, Sonic isn’t without his allies. The two-tailed fox, Miles “Tails” Prower, is likely his most popular ally, and there is good reason for this. Not only is Tails capable of flight, but he is often a playable character for a co-op partner. Most importantly, he is also a genius.

Depending on the game, Tails’ intelligence far outreaches Sonics and, even more so, Knuckles. In the Sonic Adventure games, Sonic and Knuckles are of average intelligence and Tails is the intellect that supplements their physical prowess. In Sonic Boom, Sonic and Knuckles have the intelligence of children and Tails, an actual child, has to ensure the team’s success, in spite of their stupidity. He is also a capable pilot of vehicles, including mechs, and is absolutely adorable.

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