7 Cheat Codes to Rock Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 does something incredibly cool. The game brings back cheat codes! As you play through the game, you might collect newspapers from towns that unlock new codes. Or, maybe you’ll go online to a website like CheatCC and find a list of codes like this, to enter in the Settings section’s Cheat menu. It is great to have these options, and we are going to pay tribute to that by talking about our seven favorite cheats from the game!

Just remember that, if you use a cheat code, you can no longer save your Red Dead Redemption 2 game. Don’t think of these as a way to try and easily get ahead, but rather a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening playing.  (And don't forget to check our pages for full lists of PS4 and Xbox One codes!)

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