Top 10 Netflix Shows That Need Games

Netflix continues to run the online media landscape, or at least the mindshare of people talking about it. While how much money Netflix actually makes versus its expenses are largely unknown, what isn't a secret is how excited people get about Netflix's slate of original programming. So much so that Netflix has been able to expand its branding, even dipping into video games with things like Stranger Things (RIP Telltale Games).

Now, Netflix has a ton of content. You can log into your account and see something you've never heard of with the "Netflix Original" banner slapped on top. But there's plenty of stuff that everyone loves that could probably be crammed into a video game if you try hard enough. Maybe. Some of this stuff is highly debatable, but that's how listicles work. Yeah, we got meta on you, just like the average Netflix show. So let's go over ten Netflix shows that could be fun video games.

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