10 Side-Scrollers You Should Play

Video gaming has come a long way in a short amount of time. From the days of Pong and Yar’s Revenge to the super-immersive gameplay of games such as The Last Of Us, gaming has grown up quickly. But no section of gaming’s lifespan turned out more games than when side-scrolling games were king. The arcades were full of them, and every kid in America has heard of Super Mario Brothers. So when I read the phrase “side-scrolling games are dead” in an article a few years back, I got really sad. Some of my fondest memories of gaming are based solidly in side-scrolling games. So when I started seeing a resurgence of these classic platformers make their way into the major gaming networks, I started to get a little happier. Then I slowly unearthed a ton of games you really should check out. Are they the greatest games ever? No. But they are pretty damned good.
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