Gear Up for Gaming Adventures With Roccat

Roccat Alumic

roccat 31219 5.jpg

Let's start small, with the Roccat Alumic mousepad. Mainly, because everyone can always use another mousepad. Especially one where it is specifically designed to offer different sort of textures that can have an effect on gameplay when you use certain sides. If you are playing a game that demands swift, sweeping movements that are performed quickly, maybe because you are playing through the survival mode in Minecraft or are taking part in a puzzle game where speed might be more important than accuracy, the Alumic has a super smooth surface. If you flip it over, you have a granular surface that might be better if you are playing a game that demands more precision, say if you were taking on a sniper role in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. This $39.99 mouse pad also has a gel wrist, to support your arm as you play, and an anodized aluminum core, which keeps the mousepad rigid and sturdy.

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