10 Comics That Should Be Games

Stormwatch (Image Comics)


This secret UN team is not only made up of super-powered troops, but it is also unknown to the rest of the heroes appearing in the Image Universe (I know that DC Comics has since picked this title up, but the early version is my favorite). The reason I think this would make a great game is that this team works in shadow and secrecy in a medium where being over-the-top is commonplace. Having to accomplish superhero type challenges and maintain zero visibility to everyone else–including other superheroes–could potentially make for some serious gaming fun. And with there being a team of operatives to choose from, you could easily turn this into a squad-based, third-person action title of epic proportions. Hell, you could even take the idea from Tom Clancy’s upcoming title, The Division, and make it an online co-op game where some people are support roles and others are the offensive team.

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