Top 10 Video Games Under $10

If we know anything about gamers, it's that many of them like to save money. (Until they don't, at which point they drop ludicrous dosh on collector's editions.) And what better arena to save money in than video games? Obviously, if you're keeping up in real time with the hottest releases, you'll be spending all of your rainy day cash. But what if we took some time to be frugal and clear our backlogs a little bit to try to earn a new game? Patience of this sort often pays off, as last year's AAA blockbusters make easy targets for bargain bins. If you're willing to wait a little extra time to play a new video game, you'll be making or saving a lot more in the long run. And you can still do things like watch your roommate play, borrow from friends, and more. But for now, let's throw all the penny-pinching gamers out there a bone with a list of great console games you can get now for ten bucks or less.

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