Top 5 Non-Sex, Non-Violent Family Games

Wii Sports


It’s hard to argue the merits of Wii Sports. Yes, it’s admittedly very old, having been released alongside the Nintendo Wii console in 2006, but that doesn’t mean it’s a relic. If anything, it’s a classic. The controls are simple and the small selection of games, like tennis and bowling, are easy to grasp for young gamers, old gamers, new gamers, and old pros. In this way, anybody can participate in a little friendly familial rivalry. High score hunting is also a perfectly valid way to enjoy some single player. After all, practice makes perfect and thoroughly thwarting a sibling or parent is a good way to build humility. That’s even more true if they, in turn, improve and come back to defeat you. Because of the age of the game, it might also be possible to find it for pretty cheap.

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