Top 5 Biggest Video Game A#%holes


4 yuffie 103119.jpg

Final Fantasy VII’s Yuffie is plainly terrible, even compared to characters like Cait Sith, who is a goofy liar, and Sephiroth, a murder-crazed lunatic. At no point does she offer much value to the party, and her role as a side character means a lot of her dialogue can easily be ignored.

If you choose to pick up this optional party member, she will betray you multiple times and force you to go through part of the game without power-granting materia. You’ll also get involved in her family drama, which rounds out the game’s narrative a bit, but is that worth dealing with her?

Yuffie brings chaos to your doorstep when you’re trying to be heroic, then expects you to forgive her and be friends. Pass. 

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